Bihar Development Dialogue – 30 May 2020

Bihar Development Dialogue


Labour Laws and Employment Generation


Several states have introduced sweeping changes to labour laws. A number of laws related to labour protection have been diluted. Will such changes help in attracting capital required to set up industries and create jobs. Can Bihar attract capital by introducing labour reforms? How are the things expected to pan out for the industry and workers in Bihar. The focus of this Dialogue will be on the following:

  • Labour Laws Changes by States Amid Lockdown
  • Ease of Doing Business and Labour Reforms
  • Labour Contracts in Informal Economy
  • Legal Protection to Migrant Workers


Keynote Speaker

Mr. Pratyush Kumar Singh
Corporate and Labour Laws Expert & Partner, Tatva Legal

Dr. Praveen K Singh, Editorial Director, BiharConnect
Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Keshri, CEO & Editor, BiharConnect

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