Every Indian to get Health ID; Optical Fibre Cable to Reach All Villages in 1000 days

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On the occasion of 74th Independence Day Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled two ambitious projects related to Digital India. A target has been set to connect all six lakh villages in the country through optical fibre cable. Under National Digital Health Mission every Indian will get a health ID.

“A massive campaign is going to start in the health sector from today and technology will also play a major role in it. The National Digital Health Mission is also being launched from today. It will bring a new revolution in India’s Health Sector. Technology will be used prudently to reduce the challenges in treatment,” Modi said in his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

The Prime Minister said every Indian will be given a Health ID. The Health ID will work like a Health Account of every Indian. This account will contain details of every test, every disease, the doctors you visited, the medicines you took and the diagnosis. When and what was the report, all such information will be incorporated in the Health ID.

“The National Digital Health Mission will eliminate all these difficulties related to appointment with a doctor, depositing money, making a slip in the hospital, etc. We are devising a system which will help each and every citizen to make a better and informed decision,” he added.

Connecting every village with optical fibre cable is another big announcement related to Digital India. Initially the target was set to connect all Panchayats.

“If you see, prior to 2014, only 5 dozen panchayats had the optical fiber network. However in the last 5 years, 1.5 lakh panchayats are connected with the optical fiber network which is helping us today, immensely. We are working on the goal of taking it to every panchayat and this work is in progress in the remaining one lakh panchayats,” Modi said.

“As the requirements have changed, so have our priorities. In over six lakh villages, thousands and lakhs of kilometers of optical fiber would be laid down. We have decided that within 1000 days, we will complete the work of connecting over six lakhs villages with optical fiber,” he added.

In the technology space, the Prime Minister made another important announcement related to cyber security policy. He said draft of the new cyber security policy would be released soon.

“In this era of technology, our dependence on cyberspace is going to increase multifold. However, cyberspace offers its own risks and threats. The world is very well aware of these. It can be a threat to the social fabric of our country, our economy and can even threaten the development of our nation,” he said.

“India is very cautious and is planning to take steps to combat these risks. Not only this, new systems are continuously being developed. In a short span of time, a draft of new cyber security policy would be presented to the nation. In the coming times, we will have to integrate everything and then work within the framework of this cyber security,” Modi added.

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