Dr Praveen K Singh

After having spent around two decades in active journalism, Dr Praveen K Singh is well-recognised as an expert on editorial strategy, media management and social outreach initiatives. As the founder of Rural Connect, a publication aimed at enlightening and edifying urban readers about the grassroots realities, he achieved several journalistic feats.

He has held senior editorial positions across domains with country’s leading news brands including The Indian Express, The Times of India, India Today and Zee News. He has undertaken several content-driven initiatives and has handled diverse tasks involved in the overall management of a media product. His passion for discovery and thirst to engage in new challenges has lent immense scope and dimension to the field of media and communication.

 Being one of the youngest editors in the country, he has been honoured with several national and international awards including an award from the BBC World. As a well-skilled journalist, he has raised not just the standards of media excellence in the business journalism but has brought crucial issues to the fore. His stories have made a difference and journalism that met the highest professional standards.

As a proficient editor, Dr. Singh has launched quite a few niche magazines in various segments. He is one of the prominent opinion makers on the industry, who is being looked up to for the industry feedbacks. While working with the Indian Express, with a focus to bring economic policy and business news breaks to the paper, he has done several big stories. Focusing more on the political economy, undertaking in-depth economic investigation, a field not quite explored in India yet, he has done numerous stories. Some of his breaking news stories have created ripples in the corridors of power. He has written in-depth on issues of national business interests forcing, at times, changes in government policies.

Dr. Singh has tracked economic policy developments closely, analysed them, and has presented them with perspective to business readers as well as readers in general. Several of his stories have been thought provoking that have justified the need to think rationally on core issues related to varied sectors.

In his earlier stint with India Today, he worked as a political journalist and covered Parliament proceedings and political parties as beats.

As a resourceful professional with a wide exposure that enriches the journalistic and scholarly abilities, he has also made a positive contribution towards mentoring the coming generation of journalists, wherever he has worked. In the words of some of his teammates, he always leads from the front and has brought precision and discipline at work. He exemplifies the true blue newsman in the traditional sense, the one who has a nose for news, and the guts and energy to ferret it out. As it goes – it’s not just reporting about the happenings but offering foresightedness to the readers and also to the industry towards righteous development.   

 A member of the International Journalists Federation, Brussels, Dr. Singh is on the Executive Committee of the National Union of Journalists (India). He is a regular panelist and is being called upon to speak at various international forums and global summits. A frequent lecturer at universities around the country, he has also been on the selection board of a number of universities as an expert.

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