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Labour Migration and Economic Impact

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Migrant labourers are among the worst affected in the nationwide lockdown imposed since March 25. They have been subjected to unprecedented hardships and exploitations. Many walking or cycling over 1000 kms to return their home! This is bound to have a long-term impact on the pattern of migration. How will it impact the economic growth?

The regions that have high industrial and economic activities will face shortage of labour, while with reverse migration Bihar and other major labour supplying states will be flushed with cheap labour.


What kind of impact the pattern of labour migration will have on the pattern of industrialization and economic growth? What are the challenges and opportunities this crisis offers for Bihar? A series of Bihar Development Dialogue is focused on finding answers to these burning issues and questions. Broad issues of discussion:

  • Labour Migration and Social Protection
  • Impact of Reverse Migration on Bihar’s Economy
  • Labour Cost and Industrialisation
  • Labour Laws, Reforms & Lockdown


Dr. Praveen K Singh, Editorial Director, BiharConnect
Mr. Gyanendra Keshri, Editor & CEO, BiharConnect

In conversation with
Dr. Akhilesh K. Sharma, Development Economist & Assistant Professor at Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi


About Dr. Akhilesh K. Sharma

Dr. Akhilesh K. Sharma is a Development Economist. At present, he is Assistant Professor at Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi, India. Previously, he has been affiliated with Institute for Human Development, New Delhi and Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi.
Dr. Sharma has obtained his doctoral degree in Economics from Banaras Hindu University. He has achieved international award in the category of young scholars from Alfred Nobel Charity Fund in 2011. He has achieved Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Doctoral Fellowship during his Ph.D. His areas of research interests are MSMEs, start-ups, institutional economics, human development, social protection, inclusive growth, and macro-economic modelling.

Gyanendra Kumar Keshri

Gyanendra Kumar Keshri is consulting editor of BiharConnect. He has nearly 20 years of experience in journalism, having worked for diverse media streams in India and abroad.

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