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Migrant Labour and Social Welfare

Bihar Development Dialogue

Migrant labourers from Bihar are among the worst hit due to Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. An estimated around 30 lakh labourers have returned to Bihar in the past two months.

Thousands of them travelled by bicycle or on foot covering a distance of over 1000 kms just to return back home. This desperate reverse migration highlights the plight and vulnerabilities of migrant Biharis.
The first major election in India amidst the Covid crisis would be the polls for the Bihar Legislative Assembly. What kind of impact the reverse migration and the plight of migrant labourers will have on the upcoming Bihar assembly election? This Bihar Development Dialogue will delve on the issues and challenges of migrant labourers and how it will impact Bihar election. The broad points of deliberation:

  • Issues of Migrant Labourers in Bihar Election
  • Laws to Regulate Migrant Labour
  • Skill Mapping and Job Creation in Bihar
  • One Nation One Ration Card as a tool to provide safety net

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